Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cover Issues

We received a call from a new customer in Towson, MD explaining that he was experiencing overflow when it rained.  It took a little longer to get to him than we would have liked as we soon got inundated with snow.

When we got out to take care of his gutter cleaning, following the notes, I called him on his cell since he couldn't be home for the appointment.  It is often helpful to find out trouble areas from the homeowner.  He explained that it was spilling over with every rain and he was getting water in his basement.

Upon inspection, I let him know that the problem was not debris as there was little debris in his gutters.  His issues were the covers on the gutters blocking everything including rainwater and some pitch issues.  At his approval, we removal the covers and made some adjustments to the gutters.

The recommended distance to have water directed away from your home is 10 feet.  You can have the most beautiful home and have downspouts and downspout extensions in place, but if you have covers that block rain flow from going down as intended, rain will spill over the sides.